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Ali Brown: Powerful Business Mentorship for Women

In a world where white shirt collars and blue shirt jackets dominated the scene. And this is in no small way thanks to Ali Brown. While there have always built families and others who built businesses, Ali Brown has built an empire–an empire of empowerment for women who want to do both. She’s taken the male-dominated marketing scene and sprinkled in a whole lot more sass and femininity so that women like you can live your true wealth and doing what you love and making money from home. She’s blazed a trail for women and she’s here to share with us what it takes for you to do the same.

This call is from our very first WISH Summit and the musical intros leave a lot to be desired. I shared this call because it was a really truly moving conversation and Ali put her whole heart on the table for this call.

Visit Ali’s website here.

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