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Angela Gutierrez body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Angela Gutierrez: Slow Down & Hear What Your Body Is Telling You

It’s easy to argue with the body and complain about your curves. It’s easy to wish you didn’t have so much mush around the middle, but what if that extra bit of cushioning was actually your best friend? I mean, what if those layers of love handles have been building up there because they’ve been trying to help cushion the blow of life? What if it’s been there all this time trying to do you a favour—put a little extra something between you and those emotions and hard times you’ve had to process. When choosing who to bring to our body confidence stage, I absolutely had to include my own personal fitness trainer, Angela Gutierrez, a woman whose purpose it is to empower you to reclaim a confident and loving relationship with your body so you can reclaim your health, happiness and your love for life.

The Best Bits

[4:15] What can happen when you’re not listening to your body.

[7:30] The two side of Body-Disconnect and finding the balance.

[12:00] The price of body obsession.

[13:10] Angela’s awakening while sitting in the plastic surgeon’s office and the BIG message from Life shortly after.

[17:15] Tera’s politically incorrect tangent 😉 – juicy spiritual discussion.

[25:15] Are you addicting or aligning?

[26:30] How to love, understand and appreciate your body, no matter where you’re at.

[30:00] The beauty of FAT.

[36:00} The real secret to body change.

[37:00] Getting rid of our $#!t. 😉

[48:00] Empowering bathroom mirror exercise.

Links & Resources  

Karla McClaren

WISH Radio call with Sarah-Lynne Hills

Quotables (& Acronyms)

  • “The idea that one is meant to be in service to life infuses them with a reason to rise above.” – Tera Warner
  • “Even when a person  has given up on themselves, the fact that they could be helpful to someone else is often the spark that sets the flame on fire again” – Tera Warner
  • “We are exactly where we need to be to learn what we need to learn.” Angela Gutierrez
  • “How we treat ourselves is how we invite others to treat us.” – Angela Gutierrez
  • “Body change is the act of successive action steps that happen repeatedly” – Angela Gutierrez

FIT = Fully Integrating Triumphs

FAT = Fear Acting Through

PAIN = Personal Assistance that’s Individually Necessitated 

SHIT = Self Heaving of Internal Turmoil 

Comments ( 6 )
  • Maggie says:

    I’m having trouble playing the podcast-it doesn’t seem to be loading at all despite the good Internet connection..is it just me or anyone else having the same problem? Thanks!

  • Carolyn Landry says:

    This was fun. Thank you both so much.

  • Olive says:

    An act we have heard a million times but with the commitment to participate I can tell the difference! I just listened through a second time!

    Thank you!

  • April says:

    Thank you.
    Among other things, my mirror and me love my shoulders!
    Don’t know why, they’re not without faults if I look at them critcially – I could totally stop rounding them, but I love them and seeing them in my peripheral makes me happy.
    Hey, maybe that’s why even in the bitter cold of a Canadian winter, I still insist on wearing tank tops!
    Anyway, thought I’d share and maybe encourage others to as well.
    What wonders of your body do you love?

  • sandy says:

    LOVED IT!!! My favorite call so far!!

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