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[Communication Summit] Arielle Ford How to Love in the Face of Frustration

He leaves crumbs on the counter when he makes his toast, tracks mud into the house with his dirty boots, stutters when he’s nervous and snores if he eats peanut butter before bed. But you fidget with your fork, interrupt when you’re excited and stack your socks in perfect piles. What if the things that bug you, get your goat and secretly annoy you about the one you love, could also be their most endearing quirks and characteristics. If there’s any woman knows the world of love, finding it, keeping it and happily ever after, it’s Arielle Ford, and she’s here to talk to us about the wonders of “wabi sabi love.”

In This Call You’ll Discover:

  • why a Japanese art for accentuating the imperfect can help you save and improve your relationship
  • the inspiration you need to turn irritation and annoyance into heart-warming appreciation for others.
  • beautiful stories that will make you melt your crusty considerations and learn to see the beauty in the rough.
  • when “wabi sabi love” doesn’t work–the conditions that shouldn’t be just lovingly accepted and cannot be easily solved.
  • stories and encouragement to help you keep love front row and centre in your life.
  • fantastic examples of relationship foibles that were easily overcome with the wonders of “wabi sabi love!”

To learn more about Arielle Ford, her books, workshops and more, visit her website here.

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