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Body Confidence Summit: What To Expect & How to Prepare

This short call will help to prepare you for the Body Confidence Summit, give you the details of what to expect and make sure you’re able to get the very most out of your investment of time, attention and energy into this experience. Thank you so much for being here!

Here Are the Main Points:

  • To make the calls as easy for you to access as possible, they will be published every day on www.wishradio.com at approximately 8:00pm EST. You should be able to download the calls directly, or from iTunes to listen to them at your convenience.
  • Only registered guests of the Body Confidence Summit will be invited to access to the online viewing of Killing Us Softly by Jean Kilbourne.
  • Only registered guests of the Body Confidence Summit will be invited to attend the LIVE Q&A call with Jean Kilbourne which will be happening sometime after the summit.
  • Your comments and feedback mean SO much. Please feel free to comment about the calls in the comment section on each caller’s page. Our special guests will be checking back and keen to see if you found their feedback valuable or inspiring.
  • The content we’ll be discussing is absolutely one of the MOST time, attention and life-sucking conditions women are facing today. If at ANY time you need extra support, a helping hand, or feel you’d like to reach out and get some personal guidance on next steps, please take a moment to fill out our “Personal Toxicity Assessment.” This quick health and lifestyle assessment will help us understand a little more about your situation, and then a member of our coaching team will be in touch to reach out and connect. There is no fee for this service. We offer this service because  if it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes at least a decent team of committed players to lift one woman up in life. We’d like to earn your trust, be your team and are here to support you.

The Words to the Poem I Wrote for You & Shared On This Call

We have a problem.

An international inoculation of insecurity has infected
the heart, mind and soul of the Western woman and YOU
have been drawn here today,
not just to lend your ear
but to heed a call to duty.

There was a time when you took up space.
You had colourful dreams, big noisy bright ideas and you reached for them
and preached them from the pulpit of your dirty sneakers.

When you wanted to get somewhere, you ran–not chased by a clock
or your “to do” list—you had things to be and places to go and you wanted to get there.

Sometimes you stumbled and fell and scraped your knees,
but just got back up to climb trees,
swing on monkey bars and stuff.

Sometimes tall people would ask you big questions like,
“What do you wanna be when you grow up?”
As if being you wasn’t enough
As if “growing up” was some kind of something special you were supposed to be excited about.

So you told them, “Princess!”  “Mermaid!!” “Movie star!!”  “ASTRONAUT!!”
They didn’t seem to like that much ‘cuz they’d furrow their brow,
release a sigh steeped in seriousness and say,
“You can’t do that.”

You tried to get back to climbing trees with your dirty knees, but something happened…

“Did you clean up your mess?”
“You keep dragging in dirt all over the place!”
“You left your toys all over the floor and I almost broke my neck!”
“You keep leaving your clothes all over the place.”
“If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times…”

…you’re taking up TOO MUCH SPACE!!!”

And that is how a slow drip of seriousness
stole your spirit of play and “Life” became awfully convincing.

When you ran and fell and scraped your knees
you noticed how hard the sidewalk hurt
and forget why you were running in the first place.

There was no time for monkey bars or butterflies,
you had to focus on shoe laces, hair ties, and…

…school bags.

That’s when you learned your ABCs
and how to please the teachers by
raising your hand before answering questions
and writing between the lines.

If you talked too much, too loud or said stupid things
that girl with the pretty bows in her hair and shiny shoes,
she didn’t want to play with you.

You learned to stop spilling soup on your skirt,
stop wiping your nose with your shirt sleeve
and finally learned to sit still, stay quiet and be “nice.”

And at about that time
a multi0billion dollar beauty industry took a slice
out of your pride.

You stopped dreaming of being a queen
or building intergalactic space machines
and started to wonder if your butt was too wide
or if you’d be able to hide
that zit on the end of your chin.

3000 media messages per day
went a long way to convince you
that your self-worth had something to do
with the size of your thighs.
You’d spend your time pinching inches
and pimples in front of mirrors,
instead of living and loving Life.

Since then you’ve made a whole lot of choices—
about what to eat and who to sleep with.
About which dreams to follow and to which
to hide in that hollow space inside your heart.
About when to speak up and when to shut up.
When let go, and when to say NO… or at least try…
but mostly just look back and wonder why you just never quite had the guts to do it.

And now, here we sit…

…at the other side of a whole lot of life and time that has passed
since the days our knees were grass-stained
and we were care-free.

Too much livingness has been lost in the need to please.
We let an over-inflated importance about how we look
steal the thunder from how we live.

As long as insecurity and criticism sit as wrinkles in our T-zones,
it won’t matter if we have oily, dry or combination skin,
we are anything but beautiful.

In the face of all we have been fed and led to believe
we made a choice.

Any time we allowed the vastness of we  are
be reduced to pounds and inches of pinch-able flesh,
we failed to honour the legacy of love
that each of us represents.

If we, as women, are to heed a call greater than shiny hair and poreless skin,
let it begin here!

As long as your heart pumps
and your chest rises and falls
to the rhythm of your breath,
you have a duty to bear witness
to the true beauty of a woman.

Beauty—this word we thought was the cause of our separation
Don’t let this last fact slip past your attention:
The word beauty itself has always whispered the one thing you need to do:

“be you.”

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