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Brian Johnson is Bald, Bold & Brilliant with Top Tips for Optimal Living

Brian is probably one of my favorite people in the entire universe! He’s made smart decisions for himself and his family, and is the most well-read person I know. After having achieved financial success, he decided how to make the best of his smarts and abilities and resources to serve the world. That’s how he create this site: www.optimize.me. I’ve loved watching Brian over the years, and this call below is one of the later calls I did with him.

I hope this makes you want to gobble up wisdom from him and add him to your list of allies in life. He works hard reading books so you won’t have to, and makes it easy for you to apply the knowledge and wisdom of the best teachers and philosophers that have ever lived! Dive in and I really hope you enjoy this call!

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Call:

  • How to start with what you know to make life radically better.

  • How to identify that ONE thing you could do which would have the greatest benefit?

  • Brian’s trick for simplifying self-development

  • Brian’s best tip for how to get over overwhelm!

  • How a journaling practice can up level your life BIG time!

  • The scientifically established method for optimizing our lives.

  • Understanding the power of “thinking on paper” and how journaling can up level your life!

  • What the The ultimate currency in life is happiness!

  • The results of an incredible study of four-month test where Zoloft and exercise were compared for the effects on depression!

  • How to tap into your innate wisdom and talk to your 110 year old version of yourself!

  • And so, so much more!!

About Brian

He’s so freakin’ expiring, but words don’t cut it. You can learn all about him when you decide to join his community here.

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