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Byron Katie and “The Work” of Disbelieving Our Thoughts

If you’ve ever felt too fat, too poor, too tired, too busy, too beaten down, shaken up or tossed inside out, then you know suffering.

You may have noticed that when you stopped to blame your bank account balance, ex-boyfriend and the size of your thighs, things didn’t really change much. If, in spite of all you kind thoughts, good deeds and the very best of intentions, you still find yourself suffering, then lend an ear, pull out a pen and paper, and get ready to do ‘the work? 

In This Interview, You’ll Get A Spiritual Spanking & Find Out:                         

  • Why any person, every person, can overcome the pain and suffering of their thoughts.
  • The simple steps required to overcome our most crippling thoughts.
  • How Byron Katie overcame crippling insecurity, stress and depression to achieve global influence as a trusted spiritual leader.
  • What separates us from the world and how can we restore our connection to life and to others.
  • How can you turn your entire life around by examining your thoughts honestly and without judgement.
  • How to use these tools to address your health and body condition.
  • This interview is loaded with great stories that will help you question the way you respond to life and crack open the doors to a whole, new opportunity to love yourself, others and life.
  • How to lose your fear regarding your health condition.

Learn More About Byron Katie here.

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