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[TOOTH Summit] Charlie Brown Fights to Get Mercury Out of Dentistry

It is time to get to the tooth truth and if there is one person who can make that happen it is Charlie Brown. A legal hero in the crusade against mercury, Charlie Brown is a graduate of Yale Law School, has appeared before the Supreme Court and was twice elected attorney general of West Virginia.

Mr. Brown is the author of First Get Mad, Then Get Justice: The Handbook for Crime Victims. We are speaking with Charlie Brown today as he is a major force in the movement to eliminate mercury amalgams. Charlie Brown is the National Council of Consumers for Dental Choice. And Consumers for Dental Choice has a wonderful and truly informative website, which can be found at www.toxicteeth.org. He is also the president of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

Charlie spearheads the national campaign to end of the use of mercury-based dental fillings due to their adverse health, environmental and occupational effects. In a well-organized multi-year campaign he brought mercury-free dentistry into the mainstream by challenging the three main forces that protect toxins in the mouth, the state dental boards, the American Dental Association and the FDA.

In 2008 Charlie Brown achieved the distinction of besting the FDA in court and the FDA had to rewrite its website to give warnings about silver amalgams and to agree to classify amalgam by a certain date. When the FDA reneged on its agreement in 2009, Mr. Brown lead one of the best grass roots campaigns ever to bring the agency back to the table to reconsider its rule.

In 2010 Charlie Brown founded and currently leads the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, which is an assembly of non-governmental organizations from all over the world united to phase out amalgam across the planet.

What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • How dentists around the world continue to put “silver filling” without telling their patients that it contains toxic mercury.
  • Why the Center for Veterinary Medicine banned mercury use in any medicines that go into a horse or a dog, but dentists continue to put mercury amalgam into humans’ mouths!
  • How toxic mercury vapours go an inch from the brain without a skin barrier and what that causes.
  • What pregnant woman or women considering pregnancy need to know before visiting the dentist again.
  • There is as much mercury in one mercury filling as there is in a thermometer, and if mercury leaked out of one small thermometer into a lake, then that entire lake would be prohibited for fishing and would be an environmental hazard!
  • What you need to know before having mercury removed.
  • The best recourses to find a biological dentist to take metal fillings out of your mouth.


“According to the Canadian government, the largest exposure of mercury – non-workplace exposure – is the mercury amalgam fillings”.

“In the U.S. there is a thousand tons of mercury sitting in people’s mouths”.

“Mercury is the only heavy metal that is liquid at room temperature and it is the most volatile heavy metal, meaning vapors are coming off. When in the mouth, that does not change. And so the vapors continue to come off, they come off faster when you drink hot liquids or grind your teeth, but it does not exit your body, some of it goes into your digestive system and some of it goes tragically straight to the brain, and this is toxic stuff.”

“Amalgam is worse than no dental care at all.”

“American Dental Association loves amalgam, it is the gift that keeps on giving.  It creates a lot of money for dentistry in the future.”

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  • Phyllis Campion says:

    I am interested in finding a mercury free dentist who can safely and expertly remove any mercury fillings I may have. I live in Cary, NC 27519.
    Thank you so much
    Phyllis Campion

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