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[Communication Challenge] Day 10: Be Enthusiastic

You made it to Day 10!! I hope you feel proud of yourself for sticking to it. I’m certainly grateful you ventured this way and cross electronic time and space with me. I hope you had the chance to test out the exercises enough to be able to see for yourself that self-worth doesn’t come from how you look or what you wear or how much stuff you can pack in your closets, but from how you COMMUNICATE AND CONTRIBUTE to the world around you!

Now that you’ve had a good dose of inspiration and have felt what it takes to lift life up a little, it’s time to put wisdom into action and it will be your turn to do the same for someone else!

Go ahead and listen to this FINAL day’s assignment! Everything you need to hear and know to complete this step is explained in the call, and the tool you’ll need to complete this final assignment can be found below, in today’s blog, along with a few final tips and bits of inspiration! Go get ’em, Tiger!!

You can find the rest of the blog post here. 

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  • Betty Conklin says:

    Thank you Tera for 10 days of enthusiastic prodding and pushing!
    I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of this as I am not a young person starting out in my career or family life, but someone moving into my new phase of life – retirement. It is with excitement and trepidation as I have been with the same company for 36 years and knowing that when I get up in the morning, my circle of ‘friends’ will no longer be there. You have helped renew my faith in myself that I really can do anything I want…I just have to do it! Four years ago when I started this retirement thing (I’m a slow learner!), I actually did step out of my comfort zone and went on a solo trip to Italy which turned out to be one of my best decisions. This week, with your encouragement, I went downhill skiing after not being out for two years and had an amazing time. In the past couple of years I have taken up art journalling and have re-awakened that bit of artistic talent that I had as a young school age child. I now know that if I put a smile on my face and ooze enthusiasm, I will be able to tackle anything that comes my way. Thank you!

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