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[Communication Challenge] Day 2: Be Social

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Day 2! (Woot! Woot!!) If you completed your preparations, downloaded all your treats aaand, you’ve listened to Day 1 and completed your action step, then you’re in that 10% of world-changing weirdos who actually DO what they say they’re going to do! That pretty much makes you my new hero!


Now, let’s see if you’re up for more in our adventure together!

In a world of technology that gives the impression it is so much easier to stay connected with family and friends, it’s eye-opening to realize how much social media and the presence of electronics actually prevent us from being social on a person to person basis! We’re hoping the observations you made during your previous assignment will amp you up for today’s assignment, so get ready to unplug and reconnect with the real world. You can go ahead and listen to today’s podcast to find out the assignment, and then read below for more details, tips and even extra inspiration to motivate you to TAKE ACTION on this one!

You can catch the rest of the blog post to accompany this podcast here.

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