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[Communication Challenge] Day 4: Be Active

Alright, you’ve been cruising along at top speed in our 10-Day Communication Challenge, and if you’ve actually been listening to the podcasts, and completing the action steps, then KEEP GOING. It’s all going to pay off soon. If you haven’t done them, then reach out to us for help by message on Facebook, on the blog comments, or send an email at any time so we can help you. You didn’t come here to stack more unusable stuff on your “thinking” shelf! You came here¬† to make life better, and that takes sweat and action! And that’s a HUGE part of what today’s lesson is all about!

Whether you’re folding laundry, making supper, cleaning the bathroom, or doing any other mundane task in your house, the whole point of today’s assignment is to notice the difference a time pressure makes on how you feel, and what you can do.

If life really is a game, then you need to yank yourself up out of the toxic sludge of seriousness and make it FEEL like a game. One of your best opponents is, THE CLOCK! So throw on a timer, tie up your hair and watch the difference a little healthy pressure can make to how you feel! Go ahead and listen to the podcast that accompanies this lesson here, but keep on reading below for a few other tips and suggestions to help you crank up your communication juice on Day 4!

You can read the rest of the blog post that accompanies this podcast here.

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  • Brooke says:

    “The last two feet of freedom” WOW! What a quote! It actually made me cry!

  • Brooke says:

    After sitting down and observing someone close to me, I found certainty that he was not insane, but full of fear. And I finally realized he has been telling me all along what he was really fearful of. (Something I dismissed because it wasn’t a fear for me.) This observation allowed me to move forward in more communication with more compassion handle the “unhanded business”.

  • Susan says:

    I have been listening to the podcast and reading the blogs every day. The assignments haven’t been going easily with me. The first days were just heavy rainy days which prevented me from getting outside and walking. I spent time being with someone and listening. This was a combination of day 2 and 3. My friend is going through a paranoid and anxious period right now. He is ranting about the future which he can’t predict or control. I listened to him and came away thinking I can’t listen to any more. He doesn’t listen to anything I say (like please stop or don’t talk to me about this). Today being more active isn’t hard for me because I will be outside all day working. So anyway, I am slowly progressing through the days with some stumbling blocks.

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