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[Communication Challenge] Day 6: Be  Interested

A lot of people think communication has to do with how you speak or articulate your ideas, and while that’s certainly a very big part of communication, it’s at least as important to understand whether or not the things you express are being fully understood and received by others.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle in communication is because they have a lot of attention on themselves–how they look, what other people will think of them and their ideas. This is like putting communication on crutches. It’s VERY hard to be interested when you’re trying to be interesting! In order to truly be a good communicator, you have to be interested in the other person.

Knowing that, one of the very best things you can do to improve your communication with others, is simply take your attention off yourself, and get busy LOOKING at other people with the intention of really trying to understand them, what they’re perceiving and experiencing. You have to be interested.

When you take your attention off yourself and put it sincerely on trying to see, understand and be present to the person you’re with, your communication will immediately become more fluent, natural and enjoyable to others! Keep reading the rest of the blog here for more tips on being interested, and check out today’s assignment on the accompanying podcast below.

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