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[Communication Challenge] Day 7: Be Complete

If you’ve been blasting through the lessons in our 10-Day Communication course, then you will have acquired a few important skills that will help you with today’s lesson. By now you should be practicing how to be really present to communication when it happens, and also noticing that sometimes little prickles and frustrations can rise to the surface. When that happens, you’re job is just to face things and observe what happens. It will get better, easier and you will understand more about the situation the more you do it.

We’ve also talked about the tremendously valuable communication trick of being interested compared to being interesting. One will help you feel much more natural and authentic in your communication and will make communicating much, much easier. 

Now today’s lesson will build on these previous tools and take it one step further. Just like any muscle, the more you practice these communication skills, the easier it will be to do all the time! If you learn today’s tip and put it into practice, you’ll understand one of the most time and energy-sucking mistakes people make in communication and how to avoid it.

Just this one trick will make people so much happier when they communicate with you, and it will make you feel brave and in control of communication and of your life!! Go ahead read the rest of the blog on this topic for more tips, and listen to the power podcast below for more inspiration and ideas on the action step!

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