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[Communication Challenge] Day 8: Be Kind 

We’re in the home stretch now and if you’re here, then you’ve done an amazing job sticking with it and making it to Day 8 of our 10-Day Communication Challenge! If you’ve been following along and doing the exercises, then chances are pretty good you’ve already started to experience some positive benefits to your courage! This can be better confidence, more awareness, and a sense of inner calm and a lot less stress.

If you’ve been applying the exercises from Day 5 and Day 6, then you should be really feeling the difference in your communication with other people. Maybe they’re wanting to talk more to you, share more about themselves. If you’ve listened to the lesson from Day 7, then you’ll know how to gracefully stop communication when you need or want to.

In 2010, a research article published in The Journal of Social Psychology entitled “Acts of Kindness and Acts of Novelty Affect Life Satisfaction” found that participants who engaged in random acts of kindness or acts of novelty over the course of the 10 day experiment felt greater life satisfaction. Other research has shown that happy people tend to do more for others, which, in turn, makes them feel good, which causes them to want to continue to do things for other people, indicating a circular effect relationship between kindness and happiness. 

I thought you might like to put these findings to the test for yourself, so go ahead and listen to today’s power podcast for Lesson 8, and read the accompanying article on the blog for more insights and tips!

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