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[Communication Challenge] Day 9: Be Brave

Wow! Look at you! If you’ve been following along and made it to Day 9, you’re here reading it and giving it your time and attention then you ROCK!! Make sure you’re doing your best to apply the information so you’re getting what you came here to this 10-Day Communication Challenge in the first place for! I hope you performed some small random act of kindness, and that you got to feel the zing in your arms and the tingle in your toes that comes with doing something good for a total stranger!

Given some of the bumps and bruises and lessons learned the hard way in life, it actually takes quite a lot of courage to communicate. Very often we don’t say what we want, because we’re afraid we might make someone mad, or hurt someone’s feelings, or sound “stupid,” or be laughed at, etc. It can be pretty scary to really speak what you feel or think, but few of us consider what the cost to ourselves and to life is when we say nothing?

As I explained in yesterday’s podcast, some of the most life-changing experiences women have had in their personal one-on-one coaching with me has been our taking inventory on the cost to themselves, their family members, and to Life that came about because of the things that went unsaid. It may be scary to ask that question or make that statement to someone, but the inner turmoil you feel when you don’t say anything is often far more uncomfortable than the short term stress of keeping quiet!!

So, take a deep breath, stand tall, and hold your head up high because it’s time to be brave and this lesson will help you do it!

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