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Dana Falsetti body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Dana Falsetti: Proof That Body Confidence Has Nothing to Do With Your Size

So you’re stuck in a rut of self-loathing. You’re too fat to go to the gym, too puffy to put on a nice outfit, and too fed up with feeling like crap to bother investing a little loving time and attention into self-care. So you sit and crash on the couch with another bag of salty potato chips. The vicious cycle of self-loathing keeps you stuck—but mostly in your head, pinned down and paralyzed by the idea that your body is an insurmountable barrier to being, doing and having a life you love. Here to take that notion out to the trash and kick your assumptions along with it is Dana Falsetti.

The Best Bits

[3:00] The bottom of Dana’s bucket. (Binge Eating Disorder)

[11:00] How becoming conscious of her food addiction changed everything.

[20:00] The revelation that losing weight wasn’t the right goal.

[25:30] When the s#*t got real

[38:15] When the shift occurred and what it changed.

[47:00] The glimpses of possibility and the moment all the doors flew wide open.

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“It was never my body. It was not my body keeping me from a pose and it was not my body keeping me from happiness or anything in my life.” – Dana Falsetti 

“I like the idea that some of life is effort and some of life is Grace.” – Tera Warner

“You can’t keep s#*t talking yourself and expect to crawl out of the mess.” – Tera Warner

“The path out starts with one kind action toward yourself.” – Tera Warner

Comments ( 3 )
  • Diana Auld says:

    A very valuable lesson, Dana, – that our body size or shape should not stop us from succeeding in what we choose to do

  • Faith says:

    This interview is bad ass!!! As a counselor and yoga teacher who has experienced BED and body hatred, I feel inspired and wise as to how this all works!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  • Brooke says:

    I feel like she wrote my book! I can relate to so much of this except I did finally start losing my weight after I improved my life. I can relate to how she felt, how she looked at herself and food, all of it! Many other woman out there will relate to this story as well.

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