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[TOOTH Summit] Daniel Vitalis on the Wild Side of Dental Health

Get ready to take a walk on the wild side. Tuning our health to the rhythms of nature, Daniel Vitalis’ ancient wisdom will help us tap into our wild roots so that we may experience invincible health in alignment with our unique entheogenics and biological design.

Daniel is a world leader in health and nutrition, and he is the creator of findaspring.com, a free resource that helps people everywhere find fresh spring water. He is also a founding member of surthrival.com, a business dedicated to producing regenerative metafoods.

Things are going to get wild with Daniel as he enlightens us with his tooth-truth wisdom — ancient foods and botanicals that feed the teeth and nourish our oral ecology.

What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • What is missing in today’s processed foods, that leads us to developing cavities.
  • How the fats that we consume play important role in being solvents for many biologically active vitamins.
  • The effects of fluoride on our teeth, bones, and pineal gland.
  • The best kind of water to drink and why.
  • How to help detoxify fluoride and other chemicals and toxins in the body.
  • What herbs can be used to clean your teeth?
  • Learn some easy health practices to incorporate into your day.


“The teeth are modified bones that stick out of our body. What a brilliant window into our physiology because we actually get to look at somebody else’s bones every time they smile”.

“Indigenous cultures and traditionally reared cultures have near perfect dentition and do not suffer from cavities, that bone disease that we are all so used to.”

“Today, 80 to 90% of the four plants that we make vegetable oil from, cotton, soy, canola and corn, are genetically modified organisms.”

“The people who use toothbrushes the most in the world have the worst teeth.”

“If you live in accordance, or even partially in accordance with the natural laws and rhythms that govern your body, your teeth will be healthy for the rest of your life.”

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