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[WILD Summit] Daniel Vitalis Shares Wisdom From the Wild Side for Better Health, Happiness and Beauty

You can access the full transcript for this interview here, download it on iTunes or catch it on Youtube.

We are all driven to become the best version of ourselves.  And to do this we think we need to try out the latest and greatest fad diets, fashions, products, superfoods and even pharmaceutical drugs that promise to enhance our health and happiness.

As we surf the net on our iPhones, iPads and MacBooks looking for the answers to love, life and an end to loneliness, deep in our DNA and just outside our door, quietly ever present is an answer to health, vitality and interconnectedness.   Time and time again the beauty, wonder and power of nature inspires and heals us physically and spiritually.   It teaches inner calm, perspective and brings us a feeling of well-being.

It speaks to the wild nature that is inside of us.  But in a world where technology reigns and the dollar is king, in a consumer driven world where nature cannot be bought and bottled and sold, so is therefore largely forgotten, we experience a great disconnect from this wildness.

But thankfully there are people out there like my next guest who have made it their life passion to shed new light on old wisdom and help us to understand again why we should switch off, unplug, ditch the fancy footwear and honor the rhythms, cycles and elements of nature to reawaken that wild creature that resides in us all.

This interview was conducted with Alison Ramsay as part of a WISH Summit on Wild and Sustainable Living. You can learn more about Alison Ramsay here.

Inspiring Quotes from Daniel

“You know human beings – we tend to get into a mindset like we are visitors on planet Earth and like we’re not really as much a part of it as we are observers here visiting, or even exploiting the earth, but not so much part of it.”

“So re-wilding is – for me what it is, is it’s an approach, it’s a strategy, it’s a path toward health that believes in and respects the natural way for humans rather than gushing over technological quick fixes.”

“And because we’ve lived in a kind of artificially created human reality for a long time now, we’ve adapted to an almost artificial world and that’s why so many of us struggle to get back to the natural world.   Because we’re almost more fit for living in hotel rooms than we are for living in nature.”

“In fact it’s estimated that the average indigenous person spends about 12 to 15 hours a week securing their needs as opposed to us working 40-plus.”

“What we see is that people are going down faster and faster, earlier and earlier from degenerative disease.   And it would be short sighted to look back and say hey, there was a lot of that a hundred years ago.”

“My opinion is that if we remove ourselves from nature, we really truly remove ourselves from the source of all health and all life.  And that process of boarding ourselves in – you know you could almost I guess metaphorically imagine a person who starts to shut out everyone who loves them and everyone who cares about them.  And stops eating and stops taking care of themselves and boards themselves in more and more and more.”

About Daniel Vitalis

Daniel Vitalis is a writer, podcaster, public speaker, and lifestyle pioneer in the sphere of human health, personal development, and strategic living.

He is especially interested in how our long adapted ancestral life ways have been disrupted by modern domesticated living, and what we can do to restore the natural conditions that once granted us vigorous bodies and wild, sovereign minds. He is best known for relentlessly flouting taboo — and exposing the forces of domestication wherever they lurk — in his lucid, provocative, and illuminating interviews, essays, videos, and on stage discourses.

He is the host of the podcast ReWild Yourself, as well as the founder of SurThrival, a fresh and unique, high-end natural supplement boutique. Daniel can be found on Netflix in the film Hungry For Change, and has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, The Huffington Post, RT, as well as countless other interviews and media appearances.

He currently adventures the world, and rurally resides in the Pine State of Maine, with his black and tan Catahoula leopard dog companion, Kaina.

You can visit Daniel on his website to learn more about his incredibly valuable work and the truly incredible person that he is!

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