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Danielle Laporte: Screw Your Principles & Get Your Life Back

If you’ve been living your life wondering when you’re going to finally find balance, brace yourself. Balance is a myth. If you’re trying to be a well-rounded and upstanding citizen on planet Earth who sticks to her principles and follows the rules, well, maybe it’s time to screw your principles and write new rules. Why be well-rounded when you can be a multi-faceted firecracker who makes the world a better place? When you feel how you want to feel and you do what comes naturally to you, you’ll cross the sacred divide between who you are and who you have the potential to become, and if there’s one woman who can help you start the fire that will get you there, it’s Danielle LaPorte.

Such a great call with the firecracker, Danielle Laporte. Her fearless authenticity and intentionally contradicting conversations are a sure pick-me-up whenever you need it.

Visit Danielle’s website here.

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