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[TOOTH Summit] David Wolfe on Hormones, Bone Density & Food for Healthy Teeth

Having the best day ever always happens when you are spending time with today’s guest. David Wolfe is completely passionate about life. And with a master’s degree in nutrition, a background in science and mechanical engineering, a bestselling author and prolific speaker, David Wolfe is one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural health, beauty, longevity and super foods.

David has over 18 years of dedicated experience and understanding of the inner workings of the delicate chemistry and the hardcore mechanics of the human body and how the body is affected by the modern day stresses of today’s fast-paced toxic lifestyles and what eradicates our cellular health, our beauty, our oral health and longevity.

David Wolfe is the founder of the online health magazine, thebestdayever.com, the Longevity Now Program and the Longevity Now Conference, which all inspire and empower people to take charge of their health. He is also the founder of the Fruit Tree Planning Foundation, a nonprofit organization that strives to plant eight billion fruit trees.

David is the author of the bestselling books, Super Foods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, Amazing Grace, Naked Chocolate and Eating for Beauty. He has given more than 2,000 live lectures and has appeared on hundreds of television programs.

David’s client list includes top CEOs, global ambassadors and Hollywood celebrities. Through his down to earth and simple approach, David confirms that every health problem has a solution and that we do have the opportunity right at our fingertips to make new choices about our lifestyle and that great health is in our own hands.

What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • Understand bones and bone density and how hormones affect that and our dental health.
  • How men and women can use progesterone cream to improve their dental health.
  • What research concludes about progesterone cream.
  • Find out the sources of minerals in herbs and foods that contribute to bone density.
  • How the mouth and digestive system are connected and how probiotics help that relationship.
  • Understand and alleviate the source of the TMJ and grinding teeth.
  • How oil pulling therapy is done and how it improves general gum health.
  • Calcium forming organisms in the mouth and the role of neem in breaking them down.
  • The effect of conventional dental products on your overall health and dental health.


“The quality of your teeth is very strongly connected to the quality of your bones.”

“Your teeth are living bones.”

“Silica, magnesium and phosphorus, are needed to mineralize bone, not calcium.”

“Vitamin K2 is a very strong mineralizer of bone and it is also a very strong preventer of soft tissue calcification.”

“Neem is probably the best thing for your teeth there is in the universe.”

“Mercury fillings are dangerous. Mercury is ten times more toxic than DDT.”

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  • Magdalene says:

    I always enjoy listening to David Wolfe; however I have a question about his mentioning the benefits of chocolate, in particular the name ” chocolate “. Is not chocolate a manufactured product and not something that grows in Nature. Is not chocolate made from Cocoa beans and that is where the health benefits are ? To my knowledge there is no naturally growing chocolate so the term could be very misleading and would cause people to eat all the sugar laden chocolate incl. all the other unhealthy products that are added in manufacturing chocolate. I would appreciate David’s explanation ! Thank you

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