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Denise Harwood

Denise Harwood: How a Purple-Haired Firecracker Came to Be

You can try to hide behind your fanciful excuses. You can say you’re “too busy, too tired, stressed, depressed, under slept or overwhelmed to break out of your shell and live the life you love…

You can try those tricks, and some people might even believe you. But rumbling inside, in a place where excuses can’t hide and the truth never dies, is a passionate firecracker of curiosity itching to reach up, reach out and make life AWESOME. And until she gets her day in the sun, you’ll know something doesn’t quite feel right.

Here to share the story of how one firecracker came to be is the oh-so-awesome Denise Harwood, my former client and dear friend.

This call definitely bears a lot of proof to the concepts we’ll be covering in our upcoming Body Confidence Summit. It’s not by putting MORE attention on the body that our body confidence gets better. It’s actually almost the opposite of that! Check out this interview for a fantastic example of proof in action and tune into our Body Confidence Summit to experience it yourself!

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