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[Communication Summit] Dr. Bernie Siegel On What Love’s Got to Do With It

When you stop to consider the things you need to prioritize for your health, thoughts of broccoli stalks and long walks in the park may come to mind. You brush and floss your teeth, take Vitamin C and eat kale and to prevail against the bacterial and viral powers that be.

But what if someone told that love and forgiveness are the real fountain of youth and the secret to boosting your immunity. And what if that someone was a medical doctor who graduated with Honors.

Don’t let his credentials fool you. Because while he did graduate with honours from med school and retired as a paediatric surgeon, Dr. Bernie Siegel isn’t here to talk about your annual medical checkup or your white blood cell count. He comes from the heart of Brooklyn and joins us today to talk about love, compassion, kindness and the miracles and medical breakthroughs that have come about because of them.

In This Interview You’ll Learn

  • How do you inspire people to be willing to overcome difficulties and not be afraid of failing?
  • If the authorities in our lives don’t give us love and self-worth and self-esteem, then people don’t get better.
  • The secret to improving his client’s conditions.
  • Why do we need permission to be the person we’re meant to be?
  • How can love become a weapon and what to do about it
  • Why do married men live longer than single men?
  • Why do women live longer than men with the same cancers?
  • The secret that has helped some people keep cancer and other threatening diseases at bay for much longer than predicted.
  • How do you express anger appropriately?
  • Tones of tips on how to take up space, bravely express your character in life.
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  • Jodie Lea Cleave says:

    Thank you Tera and Bernie, listening to this interview has shone a bright shiny light on how to find my truth, it has also helped to reveal the places in my life that I’ve hit a bit of a road block. Bernie I’ve always made light and laughed when recalling the torrid events of my life, I did this to make them appear less damaging, so I would not appear so damaged. I’ve been so ashamed at the constant track of challenging experiences I have encountered over my 54 years. As I studied at the “University of Life” and gathered knowledge from far and wide I have been able to understand more of what, you, have so warmly covered in your conversation with Tera here today. But it wasn’t until you spoke about your experience with your wife and her finding your journal and commenting on the difference in the stories you told and the recollections you wrote, that I realized I did the same. My felt recollections of my experiences are so totally different to the animated stories I tell. I thank you for the light bulb moment, and will do a little switcheroo. I’ll relish my ability to tell a good yarn and drop the chop on the damage goods hohum and laugh a whole lot more! Huge Smooches, xxx

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