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Dr. Christine Matheson body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Dr. Christine Matheson: Why Your Belly Holds the Secret to Body Confidence

It’s hard to love what you don’t understand, so it’s no wonder so much of what’s wriggling and jiggling about inside us feels like a mysterious, fleshy blob. Our dark and inner middles are an unexplored territory of sorts—all those tubes, twists, tunnels and turns inside us!

High school biology tried to get the point across, but if we REALLY understood our mushy middles would we be struggling so much to love, appreciate this part of our bodies? Our summit’s next step toward bold body confidence takes us on an exploration of your belly—the hard-working heartland that holds it all together—where your guts and the story of all bodies began. Here to guide you toward deeper understanding and appreciation of your inspiring interior, is naturopathic doctor and belly-wellness advocate, Dr. Christine Matheson.

The Best Bits

[7:00] Digestive system breakdown. (What’s what and where.)

[9:35] Dr. Matheson’s personal belly struggles.

[ 21:00] The benefits of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.

[26:50] Dealing with pain.

[32:50] Getting past the taboo of talking about belly issues.

[36:45] How to help children get good belly habits.

[44:30] Simple and practical tips and exercises for improving belly issues.

Links & Resources  

Dr. Matheson’s website

WISH Radio interview with Sarah-Lynne Hills

Book – The Art of Communication

Previous WISH Summit interview with Dr. Bernie Siegel


“Not being in direct communication with our belly is compromising our health.” – Tera Warner

“A woman is more likely to put herself in danger than she is to be impolite.” – Tera Warner

“The idea of naturopathic medicine is to treat the underlying cause and to liberate people from the repetitive pattern that’s obviously led them to have an illness.” – Dr Christine Matheson

“I think our jobs as healthcare practitioners is to help patients feel more in the driver’s seat of their health.” – Dr. Christine Matheson

“When there’s hope and a little bit of relief we can direct ourselves toward more solutions and find more energy to persist in the face of obstacles.” – Tera Warner

Special Bonus Gift: Belly Massage Recording

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