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[Communication Summit] Dr. Douglas Gentile on The Effect of Media & Screen Time on Children

There was a time when we played in parks, climbed trees and scraped our knees in the chase for the next great adventure. We didn’t have Snapchat or Facebook, we were doing real chat about real books with the people we loved.

These days, in spite of an epidemic of alleged attention deficits, the average child between 8 and 18 is spending ten hours a day in front of the TV! Having extensively researched the effects of different kinds of media on the attention, communication and overall health of children, Dr. Douglas Gentile joins us for a look at where the real deficit lies. Maybe the attention deficit isn’t with the children, but with the overwhelmed, overworked and overloaded parents who simply do not have enough quality attention to give to their children what they really need. Here to help us understand what does have our kids’ attention and the effect it’s having on their health, concentration, confidence, is Dr. Douglas Gentile.

In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • What kind of behaviour is most associated with internet addiction.
  • The effect of increased screen time on children’s behaviour.
  • Why different types of media have different effects on children and how to spot them.
  • What is “repetitive stress disorder” and what is it doing to our children?
  • What beneficial media can do to improve learning and education, and how to choose media well.
  • Why it is very hard for parents to get the truth about the effect of media on their children!
  • Why media exposure affects the brightest children.
  • How healing rates differ when patients are given a window to nature vs. an electronic device or TV set.
  • The tricks and responses media messaging uses to lure and distract the viewer.
  • Where to go to help your children gain media literacy.

About Dr. Douglas Gentile

You can learn more about Dr. Douglas Gentile here. 

Developmental psychologist Douglas Gentile is an award-winning research scientist, educator, author, and one of the world’s leading experts on the effects of mass media on children, adolescents, and adults. 

Dr. Gentile conducts scientific research on the positive and negative effects of media on children, adolescents, and adults, including such topics as media violence, educational media, video games, advertising, media ratings, and technology “addictions.”

The media provide benefits and risks for healthy child development. Studying the effects of media scientifically can provide parents, educators, and policy makers with the information that they need to improve children’s outcomes.

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