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Dr. Hal Huggins: Gets to the Root of Root Canals on the TOOTH Summit

Nobody likes going to the dentist. The drills and lights and fumes and x-rays and mercury amalgams all make for a rather toxic tooth soup of trouble, and this will never be more true for you than after you listen to our interview with Dr. Hal Huggins. A maverick mind guided by intelligent curiosity, Dr. Huggins dared to challenge the standard procedure of modern dentistry, the drill and fill folly, and he is now heralded as the father of mercury free dentistry. 

Dr. Huggins’ degrees in dentistry and immunology, along with 50 years of research in holistic medicine, supports his abundant knowledge of the relationships between the body’s blood, minerals, teeth, organ function, mercury toxicity and bacterial infections. This interview with Dr. Huggins is loaded with renegade wisdom about how to save your teeth and restore your health and you can start to access this information below.

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While Dr. Huggins is no longer with us, his incredible life’s work lives on at Huggins Applied Healing. Please do contact them for any questions about mercury-free dentistry, root canals, and for information on how to find a biological Huggins-approved dentist near you.

In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • The shocking but undeniable link between root canals and breast cancer.
  • How high blood sugar levels relate to gum and teeth problems.
  • Why brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough to maintain your dental health.
  • How teeth have a dentinal fluid and are functioning with our bodies as a whole.
  • The not-so-pretty consequences of mercury fillings, root canals, tooth whitening, and sealants.
  • Find out why cholesterol may not be the villain it has been labeled to be after all.
  • What mouth signs should be your wakeup call to know what is going on with the rest of the body.
  • What procedures can be considered safe for root canal removal.
  • How you can save thousands of dollars on dental work by spending pennies on salt and baking soda.
  • Why no dental work is better than a root canal and what to do if you’ve already had one.

Dr. Huggins takes us to the root of root canals and says:


“Do not leave your health in your dentist’s hands and assume all will be fine.”

“Dental decay is a systemic disease.  It is not because you got a piece of food sitting on the tooth.”

“The higher the blood sugar, just by increments of one or two points, the more susceptible the gums are to bacterial invasion.”

“Bacteria do not invade the gums.  The gums have to become degenerate first and then the bacteria have an invitation to move in.  So it is not a bacterial attack, it is more of a – hey, here’s a month’s free rent to come in.  This is related to the blood sugar.”

“The lack of root canals is only for people who are interested in their health.”

“100% of teeth with root canals are contaminated with bacteria.”

“In 1909, heart disease was proved be related to root canal.”

“I call the marriage between metals and microbes where the dental metals are now stimulating the microbes, the bacteria, to produce toxins.”

“We found through testing that if people just had their mercury fillings removed at random 63% ended up with an autoimmune disease they did not have before they had their fillings removed.”

“Research has been done that shows the bacteria that are associated with breast cancer that come from the root canals.”

“The mouth is the barometer of the body’s health.”

“Approximately one can find 54 different pathological bacteria in root canals and in cavitations you can find 80 or more.”

“A lot of the autoimmune diseases come from the cavitations.”

“$0.50 investment in salt can save you 6,000 bucks.”

“Dental decay is something that has to do with what you are eating, not what is eating you.”

Comments ( 12 )
  • Bryan Milne says:

    Thank You!

    Can you recommend who is the best and most cutting edge Biological/Holistic Dentist in the NYC/Tri-state area? Affordable would also be an added bonus.

    I’ve been told I need a root canal procedure and am looking for the best/healthiest alternative to a root canal ASAP!

    Thank You

  • Robin Tucker says:

    Can you correct the audio?
    Very low volume and difficult to hear both.

  • Bryan Milne says:


    I listened to this podcast and I’m more confused and alarmed than I was before.

    Sea Salt has Heavy Metals?
    Himalayan Pink Salt has Heavy Metals?
    Baking Soda has Aluminium?

    I don’t think so

    All removed wisdom teeth imply that there is bone cavitation in the jaw ???
    All implants in bone (no matter what material) trigger auto immune disease ????

    No mention of how to detect or diagnose a bone cavitation.
    No mention of how to treat a tooth that needs a root canal other than extraction?

    No mention of methodology, techniques, technology and very little on dental materials.

    Other holistic dentists preach remineralization.

    Couldn’t a tooth with heavy decay be disinfected 100%, innoculated with probiotics and then remineralized?

    Even a Molar?

    I’m left very dismayed by this podcast.

    I’m not sure I can say I feel I trust any dentists now, holistic or conventional.

    • Tera Warner says:

      I totally understand why you say that. I hope you got the chance to listen to the interview with Dr. Lina Garcia–especially the #2, and to review her resources. I think swirling in the entire scene it can be overwhelming, and everyone needs to take one piece of information and be able to apply it. Ultimately the best knowledge is wisdom. I was overwhelmed with the content in these calls and that’s why I’m re-releasing them with new and additional content to make sure we have the best possible chance of putting wisdom into action so the results and observed changes can guide us in the right direction. <3

  • Bryan Milne says:

    Thanks Tera, Sorry if I came across too strongly. I am so grateful and really appreciate all the work and effort Nadie and you have done to bring this information to the public. I’m really diving in and listening to each podcast very carefully. Dr.Huggins may be the grand daddy of holistic dentistry (I’d like to think it’s Dr. Weston Price) but many of the things he said rubbed me the wrong way and seemed to be factually incorrect. Some of what he said was also not articulated or explained in enough detail and too many metaphors instead of science. I cringe when doctors “dumb-down” and withhold pertinent information as if the average person couldn’t possibly understand. It makes me feel that if they lack the ability to explain their practices and theories to others, maybe it’s because they actually don’t understand their own science that well themselves.

    I’m trying to understand at what point a decaying tooth be should extracted and how this is determined. I’m also trying to understand what one should do if they must extract a tooth in order to prevent bone loss, shifting other teeth, jaw malformation, etc… From what I understand all bridges and crowns would damage the adjacent teeth!!! From what Dr.Huggins said it sounds like even Zirconium implants might bring on auto-immune disorders? There must be an answer to this puzzle! It also kind of sounds like it is time for Dr. Huggins to retire! I’m so glad he and his colleagues took this quest for holistic dentistry to into being and it seems like it needs to go a whole lot further!

    I’m always so angered grappling with the disgusting inertia on the part of medical professionals and policy makers to embrace and adoption of evolving healing and medicine modalities. Thank goodness for people like you making this dialogue happen! I can’t wait for all the dentists in the world to come into their integrity as divine humans, commit to truth and transparency with their practice and start doing the real work of helping us all learn how to heal our bodies! Thank You —-

    • Tera Warner says:

      I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY respect and admire your need for clarity. I really appreciate you listening to the calls and if you listen to them all at the end and still feel there are unanswered questions, let me know and we’ll see what we can do to reach out and get support. I have noticed Dr. Zeines has been great at showing up and responding to the comments on his posts, so definitely keep reaching out. Also, Dr. Huggins Applied Healing centre is a good source of hard-working people who seem pretty committed to answering questions. Have you tried to give them a call?? Or Dr. Stuart Nunnally? I know that one of our summit guests (Dr. El-Bialy) actually scheduled an hour to talk with me, but didn’t even understand that I was interviewing him. He thought I was a potential patient just looking to have my personal questions answered. Dig in. Ask questions. Get answers and let those emotions fuel your investigations. I totally admire your need for clarity and really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Bryan Milne says:

    I subscribed to your podcast through itunes, but I’m having a hard time finding these podcasts/comment page on your website.

    Is the only way to access them through the email for each one?


    • Tera Warner says:

      I’m not sure I understand the question, but are you asking if this is the only place to comment about the individual calls, vs. the podcast? I know you can rate the podcast in general, but this might be the only place for back and forth dialogue on the individual calls. Let me know if I understood your question. 🙂

  • Bryan Milne says:

    Thanks Tera,

    Yes, I was referring to these comments for each podcast (a great idea by the way!) I can access them ok if I try some of he different hyperlinks you’ve set up in the daily emails I’m receiving.

    I couldn’t find these links on your website though. Also some of the hyperlinks in the email’s don’t work, but so far I’ve found a way to access and bookmark each episode’s web page with following comments.

    Don’t mean to be nit picky, just trying to help you out and provide feedback.

    This Tooth Summit is AWESOME! So helpful and so deeply appreciated!

  • Bryan Milne says:

    Yes, I think I’m also going to reach out to Dr.Zeines as NYC and Woodstock aren’t too far from where I live (Sherman, CT).

    Have you had any experiences or stories/feedback/reviews about other holisitc dentists in NYC, Long Island or Connecticut?

    I’m very curious about Dr. Yuriy May’s practice, located near Hartford, CT.

  • Ida says:

    Hi Tera, I would like to know if there are Holistic dentist in my area ( I live in Niagara Falls ON ) I have mercury fillings and I would like to do something about it, because I believe as I listen to the tooth summit are not good for my health.
    Thank for all you do to create awareness in this, God bless you people like you.
    Take care

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