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[TOOTH Summit] Dr. John Mew On Proper Oral Posture for a Beautiful Face and Mouth

It’s time for some straight talk on straightening our teeth. While orthodontic treatments can cost thousands of dollars and take several years, the real costs are often greater than they initially appear. With damage to tooth roots, and underlying conditions like mouth breathing, poor oral posture and an unbalanced diet, some 80-90% of orthodontic treatments collapse years later. Since the end of World War II our next guest has taken a very unconventional approach to restoring a healthy oral posture to his patients. While his work is guaranteed to be effective, it has been highly suppressed and some of our other guests during this series, who are very familiar, even highly admiring of his work, admitted to me that they didn’t dare use the name “orthotropic” for fear of falling under the same pressures.

At nearly 90 years old, Dr. John Mew certainly doesn’t need to impress, and stands as the only man who ever pointed out my “unattractive features” and still kept speaking to me. Here to set us straight on the subject of straight teeth is a remarkable dentist, dedicated researcher and renegade health hero. Just  a little note that we were speaking over Skype video, and he must have thought I was going to interview him for an article. He dives right in to give me a full facial diagnosis, so not much intro. We popped on the screen and dove right in before I even had time to push the recording button!

What You’ll Discover in This Call:

  • How incredibly suppressed Dr. Mew’s work in the field of orthotropics has been.
  • How he began his research near the end of World War II by picking up after where his father left off.
  • The exact postural requirements for a healthy jaw that if you have them and apply them, you’ll have perfectly shaped teeth and mouth your entire life.
  • The real reason people’s mouths are filled with crooked teeth.
  • The key research Dr. Mew believes is of vital importance to all dentists and orthodontists, but that no one is being given.
  • Some really easy and empowering posture tricks that can make a huge difference to your oral and overall health.
  • What a neat person Dr. Mew is to have dedicated his life to swimming upstream with courage and persistence for nearly a century!!

You can learn more about Dr. John Mew’s work here.

You can visit his professional and individual website here. It is LOADED with pictures which are the result of a lifetime of dedicated work in the field of orthodontics. AMAZING!

I have no doubt that if you contact their centre, someone will be able to direct you toward a trustworthy health care practitioner in your area!

Also, I highly recommend spending some time reviewing the lectures and Youtube videos which have been recorded by both Dr. John Mew and his son, Dr. Michael Mew. You can find those there. Many indicate very practical and valuable tips for oral posture and exercises to significantly enhance and improve your health and overall posture, too! Truly valuable videos, worth your time and attention.

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