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[TOOTH Summit] Dr. Lina Garcia on Where to Start if You’re Overwhelmed

You can find Dr. Garcia’s first interview here. If you’ve been listening to these calls and have started to worry or feel overwhelmed with the fact that your mouth has already been drilled and filled with things you didn’t realize were harming your health, then sit back and relax for this conversation with the compassionate, caring and very competent, Dr. Lina Garcia.

Life is stressful enough. We wouldn’t be in this situation if we had had the time and opportunity to really ask questions and investigate further before submitting our health into other people’s hands.

Swimming upstream against the status quo isn’t easy. You need knowledge AND support. This call with Dr. Lina Garcia was recorded 4 years after the first interview we did with her. Since that time she published her book, Cleaner Teeth, Longer Life. 

Her last call was rich and may have left you with some concerns about chem trail, fear about fluoride and anxiety about the antenna in your mouth. While the things that have gone wrong in the field of dentistry are intimidating and upsetting, adding more stress to any situation never made health happen faster.

 This call is your chance to breath deep,  so you can find the doctor within again and learn to restore above all things—trust in yourself. From there you will choose the practitioners and personal choices that are best for you and your family. Joining our TOOTH Summit stage for a second time to serve as your personal guide to encourage you to persist in the face of obstacles toward the health you deserve is Dr. Lina Garcia.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • The best way to think about medicine and your body’s health to keep you empowered and confident.
  • Dr. Garcia’s unique approach to patient care which assures that each individual is being treated based upon their entire body condition and history–it’s also the calibre you should expect from your dentist.
  • How to use Dr. Garcia’s book as a step-by-step guide to making gentle transitions with your dental health.
  • What you should expect from a health care practitioner, and which things to walk away from if you notice them.
  • Why sometimes it’s better to wait than give in to pressure from other doctors or friends to do what they recommend.
  • The strong and damaging connection between many medications and the health of your mouth and teeth.
Comments ( 4 )
  • Sue says:

    Thank you! You have voiced how many of us feel, when we are talked down to about trying something less toxic. I wish we more Doctors like Dr Garcia.

  • Sharon says:

    Dr. Garcia is a true inspiration as a health care practitioner. She walks her talk. She obviously is one that practices the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. Let’s pray that more doctors will follow the spiritually, holistic and least invasive path to dentistry and other health modalities.

  • Margi Hannegan says:

    I would like to listen to all the speakers, however didn’t get signed up in time. Is it possible to have access to listen to all of them? Are they available to purchase?

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