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[TOOTH Summit] Dr. Lina Garcia’s Dishes Out the Tooth Truth

Our next guest deeply understands the integral relationship between the health of our mouths and the health of our bodies. Dr. Lina Garcia is a doctor of medical dentistry and a doctor of dental surgery. She is also trained in cranial osteopathy. Dr. Garcia has been in practice for over 30 years.

At her thriving holistic dental center in South Barrington, Illinois, she offers successful dentistry without antibiotics, root canals, fluoride treatments and mercury fillings. Dr. Garcia is dedicated to the research, teaching and practice of alternative solutions for conventional dentistry.

Her commitment is to shift to a new medical and dental paradigm. One that integrates the person as a whole, and not as mechanical parts. The purpose of her wellness center and her website is to educate patients, physicians and dentists to make better and wiser choices for themselves and their loved ones.

For great articles on Dr. Garcia’s practice and holistic dentistry, including an interactive tooth meridian chart, please visit her website at www.drlinagarcia.com. 

Dr. Garcia has been featured in Oprah Magazine, dr.mercola.com, and Radio One Network.  This interview will not only inspire you, but change the way you look at health as a whole.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • How it’s not sugar on the teeth, but continual spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels that cause the deep systemic decay in your teeth.
  • Learn how proteolytic enzymes are used to diminish inflammation after dental surgeries.
  • What homeopathic remedies can produce miraculous results in post-dental surgery healing.
  • Why during menopause dental procedures like root canals, mercury fillings, fluoride, metal implants and metal crowns can severely harm your overall health.
  • How cell phones act like antennas for the microwave transmissions between the cell phones, the cell towers and the metal dental restorations and implants in your mouth?
  • Learn about metal oxide- and metal alloy-containing materials used in dental practices and which are safe to use.
  • What are some of the holistic protocols for an abscessed tooth, and does it necessarily have to be extracted.


“The business of the pharmaceutical and the big industries…is in the business of supporting disease.” Want to find out the answers to these questions and more? Check out our interview with Dr. Lina Garcia:

“When I do surgeries, mercury removal or whatever kind of procedures we are doing, nutrition is a huge part of it.”

“So nutrition, dentally speaking is a huge part of prevention.”

“The guts and the mouth are two environments that are highly connected.”  

“If at the time of menopause you add some metal implants or root canals, the body will be more challenged.  The body will be more distressed.”

“Your tooth is like an organ, like anything else it has blood supply, lymphatics; it has all the same dynamics as an alive heart or liver or kidney.”  

“The business of the pharmaceutical and the big industries and all is in the business of supporting disease.”

“USA is one of the only eight countries in the entire developed world that has more than 50% of its water fluoridated.”

“Harvard University has recently agreed and supported that high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ in their children.”

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  • Cindy Grochowski says:

    Thank you for such an informative and caring interview. I hope Dr. Garcia keeps up her great work and those who follow her will be much better off for it. Thank you.

  • Teresa Ferguson says:

    I loved listening to Dr. Garcia !!! She sounded so passionate about her work & caring for her patients. Thank you so much for this summit you’ve put together, you don’t know how much it’ helping me….. The interview with Dr. Huggins was awesome!!!

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