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Dr. Maya Angelou: The Legend and the Passing of Her Torch

You can flaunt your fancy dresses and primp your pretty hair, but you won’t find true beauty there. It’s in the reach of your arms and the span of your hips. It’s in the stride of your step and the curl of your lips, and if ever you felt yourself to be less than a Phenomenal Women, then perhaps you’ve not taken the time to acquaint yourself with the work and life of Dr. Maya Angelou. While she never gave birth to a baby girl, she is a mother to women of all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds, and she’s here with us for a few moments to share her wisdom, grace and inspiration with us all. I can’t believe I got the chance to speak with this incredible woman.

This is the MOST nervous I ever was for an interview and you can totally hear it in the intro. It was worth every moment of nervous, sweaty magnificence shared with this incredible woman! Hope you enjoy her little gems of inspiration and wisdom for women!

Best Bits:

  • Her grandmother’s lesson on how to stay true to yourself.
  • The dangers of being too serious.
  • The first step to getting out of really difficult situations and circumstances.
  • The most important virtue a woman can have and the one most other virtues depend on.
  • Why a woman should absolutely NEVER participate in gossip. NOT EVER.
  • How Dr. Maya Angelou used her years of silence to powerful enable her ability to listen.
  • In this call, I asked Dr. Maya Angelou what she would ask of the woman to whom she passes her torch. Listen to her clear and specific request to women.
  • Her wish for women.

Visit Dr. Angelou’s website here.

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