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Dr. Stuart Nunnally, detox from mercury toxicity, holistic dentistry

[TOOTH Summit] Dr. Stuart Nunnally Detoxes from Dental Treatments & Goes From Chronic Illness to Thriving Fitness

Severe symptoms of mercury toxicity, manifesting as symptoms of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease, left dentist Stuart Nunnally unable to lift his leg onto the curb of a sidewalk. These debilitating symptoms almost made him give up his dental practice. Luckily, he had the insight to consult with Dr. Hal Huggins, first. They discovered that 20 years of removing mercury from his patients’ mouths, as well as his own mercury fillings, were making him metal-toxic. Thanks to Dr. Huggin’s detoxing dental protocol, today Dr. Nunnally is in perfect health and maintains a thriving practice in Marble Falls, Texas.

People fly in from around the world to have their dental work done at his practice, Nunnally, Freeman and Owens. I encourage you to visit his website www.healthysmilesforlife.com. They provide state of the art care using the latest advances in dental technology including digital x-rays, conscious sedation and metal-free restorations. His mission is to treat his patients in the most healthy, caring, holistic way possible and to share information about dental wellness with his patients so that they may make educated decisions about their oral health.

In this summit, Dr. Nunnally is going to share with us his tooth truth philosophy of biological dentistry; “You cannot be truly healthy without good oral health!”

What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • How sauna can help “sweat out” the mercury out of your body.
  • The difference in the meaning of the terms: holistic dentistry, biological dentistry and revisionist dentistry.
  • What are cavitations and what are the detrimental effects they have on the general health and the immune system.
  • Are root canals and implants safe for you.
  • What are the alternative options in place of root canals and implants.
  • How can stem cells from a patient’s tooth be potentially used to grow a tooth back that is composed of our own DNA.
  • Learn about Dr. Stuart Nunnally’s recommendations about teeth grinding and TMJ.
  • What are the holistic practices for orthodontics,
  • What can we do to holistically address gum disease and gum recession,
  • How to find a holistic dentist and what questions to ask of a perspective dental office.


“The fact that we [dentists] have such a poor neurological record in terms of depression and suicide, divorce – all of those things in my opinion are a reflection of the exposure to mercury we get”

“And when you take high levels of vitamin C, not only is a great detoxifier, but it helps raise your levels of a wonderful little compound that is in every cell called glutathione.  And when you elevate your levels of glutathione, glutathione then can very naturally chelate the mercury out.  Glutathione has a real tenacity for mercury and once it grabs on it has a very good chance of carrying it on out of the system.”

“So now if you have this nice little dead tooth [with a root canal] sitting in a warm environment in the jawbone, and it is still populated with bacteria and there is no way for our immune system to deliver its natural defences to the tooth because there is no blood supply for the tooth.  You have the perfect storm for a – and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria – for anaerobic bacteria.  These are bacteria that like to live in the absence of oxygen.  And these are always the most potent of the bacteria.”

“Poor nutrition contributes to smaller jaws, which contribute to crowded teeth”.

“There is absolutely no reason to remove wisdom teeth for the sake of removing wisdom teeth.”

“Most often receding gums is due to grinding and clenching our teeth.”

“Our teeth need to have good lymphatic drainage just like every other organ.”

“The problem in dentistry is that often times we isolate teeth from the rest of the body thinking that they do not impact our systemic health and thinking that our teeth are not also impacted by our systematic health.”

“What goes on here in the mouth does not stay here.  It can manifest itself anywhere in the body.”


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