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[TOOTH Summit] Dr. El-Bialy on Stem Cell Research and Ultrasonic Therapy for Tooth Regeneration

It kind of happened by accident, that Dr. Tarek El-Bialy and I were brought together. A client reached out and sent an email suggesting that we should interview him for our summit. This email was forwarded to my personal assistant who reached out right away. He replied ready and willing, but when my assistance forwarded me his acceptance email I was a little shocked—given all my bitter comments about “Invisalign” and the evil of braces, how the heck did we ask this guy to come on board?! I know it’s terrible to say that, but I noticed by my reaction to his acceptance, and his website that I was… to put it bluntly, a self-righteous hippie. I decided to make it happen, anyway, to learn a lesson or two and just see where the conversation took us. I reviewed his research, spent time understanding some of the efforts he’d put in and pressures he was under.

The whole experience was a kick in my self-righteous assumptions. The more I spoke with him, the more I found myself understanding the middle path—not seeing the bad guys or good guys, so much as the whole picture—an industry where there are lots of good people on both sides of the fence. At the end of the day, despite a background in bioengineering and a bunch of stuff I can’t even wrap my fragile mind around, Dr. Bialy chooses orthodontics… because he loves making people smile.

Talking with Dr El-Bialy was enlightening and empowering. I found myself wanting to let go of my fearful paranoia and just listen. The more I heard about his 10 year battle against the bureaucratic powers that be, the more I softened and wanted to kick myself for having been so closed minded. After all these interviews, one of the best things I’ve learned is just how much more there is to know.

And there’s one more thing about Dr. Tarek El-Bialy that I thought you might like to know before diving into this conversation. When he met with me, I explained this was an interview going out to our community of over 100,000 subscribers. He said, “Oh. I thought you just had a personal problem you wanted to discuss with me.” The man was totally willing to put aside more than an hour in his time, to talk with some cheerful chiquita on the other side of the country… just because he thought she had some questions and needed help.

I hope you enjoy this call. I certainly had a lot to learn by recoding it.

You can visit his website here and just “Google” him for more insights into his research and … er… REALLY big brain. 😉

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Call:

  • How modern and conventional orthodontics damage the roots of teeth resulting in unnecessary tooth loss.
  • The 10-year challenge he and his team have had to approve funding and students for his stem cell research regenerating dental tissue.
  • How his work with ultrasound technology is proven to prevent the degeneration of root tissue works and where is it being approved.
  • Why we have the technology to heal and even regenerate dental tissue, but red tape and bureaucratic powers that be keep preventing it from happening.
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  • Lisa D'Alia says:

    Hi Tera,

    Love all these calls you’ve recorded on holistic dentistry. I tried and I keep trying to click on the call with Dr. KAte Bleue about Vit K and my e-mail is always saying blank. Can you put that call on your website on send again by e-mail. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. If you wish to e-mail me that call, that would also be great.

  • Alex says:


    I am inquiring about Dr Tarek El Bialy’s Lipus machine, it was very big news in New Zealand around 2006 when it was mentioned that the Lipus Machine can regrow teeth, also has Dr Tarek El Bialy thought about introducing it to New Zealand and the Asia area?

    Also if Dr Tarek El Bialy like to try his chance at getting his Lipus Technology introduced, it is best for him to secure some advocacy from the New Zealand Dental Council and New Zealand Dental Association as it will make going through the bureaucratic process via the New Zealand Ministry of Health much easier, also I am very sure that Lipus will also be welcomed in Dentistry in New Zealand


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