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[TOOTH Summit] Dr. Victor Zeines with Straight Talk on Supplements & Cavities

It seems we might be missing some vital information about what it takes to have healthy teeth and gums. Because even with regular dental visits and by-the-book oral hygiene, our gums are receding our teeth are deteriorating and our overall health is declining.

Here to help us back a few layers of lies when it comes to dental indoctrination is Dr. Victor Zeines. Dr. Zeines, thank you so much for being here with us.

Dr. Zeines is the author of Healthy Mouth Healthy Body, Living A Longer Life- Naturally” and  “Your Tongue Never Lies”.  He is also one of my favorite people because he’s just real to the bone. There’s no beating around the bush or over-complicating the conversation when Dr. Zeines is on air. You may have seen Dr. Zeines as one of the contributors of the film Food Matters or heard his “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body” show on NYTalkRadio.net.

You can catch our first interview with Dr. Zeines here. He’s as real as they get and loaded with empowering wisdom to support you and your healthy, happy mouth for a long time to come!

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Call:

  • the importance of nutrition for dental health
  • our body’s energy system and how it’s affected by dental health
  • misinformation we receive from our dentist
  • how your teeth are an indicator of your overall health
  • why there’s a need for supplements in our diet and which supplements you should take
  • how the mouths of 80% of people on the raw food vegan diet start to react after a few days
  • quite a few confessionals about Tera’s less-than-perfectly put together life and why she NEEDS trustworthy health practitioners and doesn’t have 21 different supplements in her cupboard
  • why Dr. Zeines said he’d send his assistant come come and bonk Tera on the side of the head

It’s your mouth. It’s your health. Take back control. With our Authentic Beauty Kit for Healthy Teeth & Gums and Dr. Zeines’ “Vital Boost”, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy body and a gorgeous smile!

natural dental careWe were always planning to do an audio interview, but Dr. Zeines didn’t know that, and so his team decided to build a wall of Vital Boost as the backdrop for our call. 😉 I asked them to at least send us the picture of their hard work, so we could share it. 😉

One Year Later:

In this call I said I would take pictures of my tongue, but I confess I didn’t get around to that. I did, however, take Dr. Zeines’s VITAL BOOST supplement as the ONLY supplement I’ve taken for the last year. Since the call with him I’ve had two dental check ups and had NO cavities and got excellent feedback from my dentist.

Since I am not great at pulling off the green juice every day and certainly don’t consider myself a herbal tonic ninja by any stretch of the imagination, it’s certainly helpful for me to have a one-off supplement that I’m convinced is doing good things for my teeth. With four kids, a husband and a business keeping my hands full, I am grateful to have this little Vital Boost to bring with me for little road trips, or grab when I’m on the go.

I have noticed an improvement in my tongue coating–in other words, I don’t actually seem to be getting any gross tongue coating in the morning’s anymore. I admit that with this little nutritional supplement I haven’t been getting the kind of fuzzy tongue mornings that certainly made me want to scrape my tongue in them morning. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that my last dental check up since using this product was actually ALL CLEAR (for the first time in a long time.)

To learn more about natural tooth care and the steps I’ve taken to restore my dental health and implement more natural protocols for my family with oral health, orthodontics, etc. You can check out our Authentic Beauty Kit for Healthy Teeth and Gums, or the accompanying 21-Days to Healthy Teeth & Gums e-Course.

Please Note: I do not receive affiliate commissions for this product. I just think it’s awesome.

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