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[Back to the Wild] Dwight Thornton is Canada’s Wildest Mushroom Man

You can access the full transcript to this interview here. This interview was conducted between Alison Ramsay and Dwight Thornton as part of our Back to the Wild Summit. You can access the rest of the interviews in this series under “Natural Lifestyle” section on WISHRadio.com.

Lurking in autumn-drenched corners of our forest, popping up overnight with fairytale delight are our spore-born fungal friends. Or are they? Reishi, chaga, chanterelle, morel and even the humble puffball, wild mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular as powerful healing foods. But in a world that associates fungus with infection and even death, how do we turn our eyes to the ground and learn to forage fungus safely?

Here to introduce us to the magical world of mycellium is Dwight Thornton, who as founder of North American’s first and only mushroom hunting school is no stranger to those colorful caps. Dwight, thank you for being here to get a little wild with us today.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How chaga mushroom tea saved Dwight’s life and cured him of several diseases.
  • Which mushrooms you should absolutely avoid!
  • Some of the key signs to spot poisonous mushrooms in the wild.
  • The most important things to understand about harvesting mushrooms in the wild.
  • How you can learn a TONNE about mushrooms in just one week.
  • Some of the most common edible and medicinal mushrooms and where to find them!
  • And much, much more!

You can learn more about Dwight’s Mushroom Hunting School here.

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