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[Back to the Wild] Fergus Drennan Shares the Secrets to Full Time Foraging

This interview was originally recorded with Alison Ramsay and Fergus Drennan as part of our Back to the Wild Summit. Check out other podcasts in the “Natural Lifestyle” category to see the whole series!

Perusing the aisles of our supermarkets we find everything from plastic-wrapped, Styrofoam-cupped, microwavable, freeze dried, GMO noodle soup seasoned with MSG to pretty packaged, artificially flavored, colored and preserved food-like products to tantalize our taste buds and tempt our need to consume. We fork over our hard-earned dollars and take home these colorful shiny packets of pasta, breads, biscuits, butters, pickles, pies and jams and eat them with the intention of nourishing our bodies and fueling our daily lives.

So if we are what we eat, then what happens if instead we pluck a wild and living plant from the forest or munch a few pink petals from an edible flower, or gorge our gobs on berry bushes dripping with sweet and sour jewels, packed with nutrients and vitality, complete with sensual satisfaction. Do we then begin to embody this wild vitality or blush of beauty or sensuality? If there is one man in this world who really understands the secret world of foraging, it’s Fergus Drennan, also known as the Fergus the Forager. After over 20 years of foraging experience including extended periods living off 100 percent wild foods, Fergus can speak to the health benefits and the fun of concocting, cooking and consuming wild foods. A warm welcome to you, Fergus. Thank you so much for being here to get a little wild with us today.

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • The key moments that got Fergus hooked on the wild side.
  • The attitude you must have if you’re going to connect successfully with wild plants.
  • The truth about how long it takes to really get to know an area.
  • Where to start in your foraging adventures.
  • Many of the key plants to keep an eye out for.
  • How to tell if plants are trying to “talk” to you.
  • And much, much more!

You can access the full transcript to this interview here.

You can sometimes find Fergus here, but he prefers to avoid social media these days to prioritize his focus in the real world. There are some great posts on Instagram, too. And this is his website absolutely LOADED!!! with valuable articles, information and inspiration to guide you on your path back to the wild side of life!

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