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Frank Giglio: Healthy Homesteading for Modern Families

The aisles of your local grocery store are piled high in perfect rows of happily labeled cans, boxes, tetra packs and plastic-wrapped, microwaveable Styrofoam cups. And this, they say, is “food.” But a corn syrup-injected investigation of what’s really in that stuff, wouldn’t turn up much at all, because the further away you get from Nature, the further you get away from what makes sense. and the worse it tends to be for your body and your health. Helping to bring homesteading wisdom to a modern day multitasking woman so she can save money, improve her health and get back to a sustainable way of life is world-renowned chef, Frank Giglio.

The Best Bits

Frank’s earliest full-colour adventure in culinary arts. (SUCH a cute story.) [Right at the beginning]

How Frank’s “pure” vegetarian diet started to causing his health to deteriorate. [5:00]

What Frank’s gets most excited about regarding his personal food and lifestyle choices right now. [9:00]

Visit Frank’s website here.

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