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Gay & Katie Hendricks on How to Create a Love That Lasts

This power couple is a pillar of what to do to make love work, and if you’ve never heard their work or spent time soaking up their wisdom, you’re going to love this call. Loaded with tools and suggestions for understanding your lover, or another you’re deeply invested in, this call is your ticket to happily ever after!

About Gay & Katie Hendricks

Here’s how they describe their story:

Our meeting and connecting happened across a crowded room—really—in January of 1980. We recognized each other first at an energetic/spiritual level and have been thrilled and curious to learn more ever since. From our first conversation we’ve been passionate about relationship as a path of awakening. We committed and re-committed each step of the way to our first intention: we create a relationship that runs primarily on positive energy.

In these videos we introduce you to the magic moves that continue to guide our daily choices. This conscious relationship map contains processes and practices that can enliven and harmonize your close relationships, as it did ours. We’d love to live in a world where people celebrate each other as equal partners, spending most of our time in expressing genius and supporting creativity. We invite you to join us in the adventure of a lifetime, conscious loving.

You should definitely go straight to their website and check out their amazing videos and services.

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