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[TOOTH Summit] Heather Paul “The Hygienist” Gives Back the Basics of Optimal Oral Care

Heather the Hygienist graduated from St. Petersburg College of Dental Hygiene in Pinellas Park, FL in 1995 and has dedicated her career to the education and prevention of gum disease through natural dentistry.  She is passionate about incorporating her views of eliminating toxins into every aspect of life especially when it comes to oral health and teaches people through her Youtube channel the proper techniques needed to keep their mouths healthy.

Heather practices dental hygiene 2 days a week, home-schools her twin daughters and is also the creator of Simply Silver Mouthwash.  She enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, long walks on the beach and cooking healthy meals for her loved ones.  

How a Date With The Divine Brought Heather to Dental Hygiene

Heather Paul wanted to be a teacher. She registered for her classes, sent the check to start her studies, when she was stopped by a thought–the thought that maybe God had different plans. She’d forgotten to ask.

When Heather got on her knees and asked for guidance, she didn’t like what she heard. The thought of saliva, nevermind being a “mouth maid,” made her skin crawl.  Guided by a commitment to something greater than personal gain, she decided that if the purpose for her life was to be a “milk maid,” she would accept it, but God would have to sort out the details Himself!

She went to register herself for the required courses in Dental Hygiene.  There were several people in front of her. She listened as each would request the class she was applying for, then be sent away disappointed. The class was full.

Then it was her turn. The registrar looked up, their eyes met, and then the phone rang. A brief conversation ensued before the registrar returned to Heather.

“I’d like to register in the prerequisite class for Dental Hygiene, please.”

“You won’t believe it,” the registrar said, “but I just turned away several people because the class was full, but someone has just called to cancel, so you’re in.”

And so it was that Heather Paul, led by a calling much greater than a paycheck, embarked on a path to serve. She joins our TOOTH Summit to share some good ol’ fashion refreshers on healthy oral hygiene and her secret recipe for strong, healthy teeth and gums.

What You’ll Learn in This Interview:

  • The proper way to use a rubber tip for massaging and strengthening gums.
  • A big improvement on what the school nurse and your mom may have taught you about brushing and flossing.
  • The one thing you should ask your dental hygienist to do every time you visit that will help you prevent gum disease.
  • What your bleeding gums mean and how much time you can expect to invest to turn it around.
  • Heather’s mouthwash formula that is now being used to help her patients reverse gum disease, fight bacteria and improve their oral health.
  • The most beneficial herbs and essential oils for oral health and how to use them.
  • The modern dental practices Heather suggests you ignore and avoid completely.
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  • Laura Torres says:

    That was an awesome and so informative interview! Thank you both for taking the time to go into detail about such important topics in dental hygiene. I am a huge fan of Simply Silver Mouth Wash and have not experienced any more gum bleeding since I started using it. Thank you Heather the Hygienist for such a needed product!

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