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Tera Warner, Jean Haner, Chinese Face Reading

Jean Haner on How to Read the Wisdom of Your Face

I LOVE, love, love, looooooved this call with Jean Haner, and I love everything about Jean and her amazing work. I just had to share this with you as part of the WISH Revival. During this call, Jean does an analysis of my face, and it’s pretty shocking what she comes up with.

Of course, once I fell in love with Jean, I had to contact her for prescreening any of my future dates. When my current hubby and I finally found each other, she was one of the first people I called and she gave us an amazing face reading, with all kinds of empowering wisdom about our birth dates. It was JUST AWESOME! I wanted to include this call because it’s fun, vibrant, super inspiring and it will make you want to learn more about the wisdom on your face, and those of the amazing, diverse people around you!

About Jean Haner

Jean Haner teaches powerful techniques to “read” people’s inner natures. With a 25-year background in the ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves. She is well known as a warm and inspirational teacher, providing grounded, practical information that can be put to immediate use. You can learn all about her here www.WisdomOfYourFace.com, and definitely sign up for her newsletter, because she regularly shares some of her readings of well-known faces and it’s just awesome!!

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