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Jean Kilbourne: How Advertising Is Killing Women Softly

As another bite of blueberry muffin slips down your throat, you flip through the pages of your Cosmo magazine and suddenly start feeling quiet inside. It’s as if while you’re sitting there, your thighs are actually widening and your skin is getting more puffy. You start to sink into a familiar pit of self-loathing thoughts and decide if you could just lose those last ten pounds, if you could just get a decent haircut, you’d feel like a million bucks. But the only million bucks you should be concerned about are the ones being spent to make you feel that way in the first place. If you’ve ever wondered how you picked up your body image, your insecurities and all those nasty little thoughts about how you look, then look no further. Jean Kilbourne joins our WISH summit to share how the messages from media are killing us softly, and what to do about it.

Links & Resources Mentioned In this Call:

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend you listen to this call in preparation for our upcoming Body Confidence Summit.

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