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[Communication Summit] Katherine Woodward Thomas Helps You Call In “The One”

You curl your hair, spritz perfume, and prepare yourself, just in case today might be the day. You scope out the possibilities in the local produce section of your favorite health food store. You keep your eyes up, and hopeful, at the hardware store, the shopping mall, your friend’s birthday party, and while walking down the street, and though you do not mean for your optimism to wane, admittedly you sometimes wonder if maybe you’re just not meant to find “The One”–that special companion to walk by your side in love and life. Well before you hang up your glass slippers, sit back, and soak in the warmth and wisdom of one of the world’s foremost experts in matters of the heart. Katherine Woodward Thomas is here to share what it takes to call in the one you’ve been looking for. Katherine, thank you so much for being here with us, and welcome to WISH.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Call:

  • How to know when to take your friends’ advice and when to ignore it
  • The kind of support you really need to make your dreams and goals happen.
  • Why we seem to get stuck in unhealthy or unproductive patterns of behaviour and how to break free.
  • Where the work of calling in “The One” really starts and what it should look and feel like.
  • How to find out what promises you’ve made to yourself or others that you may have forgotten about (but that are still subconsciously calling the shots on how you live!)
  • The process you need to follow that will really help you make a breakthrough in the direction of love!
  • And so much more!! Katherine could barely hold herself back in this call and it’s loaded with juicy inspiration and wisdom to inspire you on the road to a love you deserve to have!

To learn more about Katherine and her work, please visit her website here.

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