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Marianne Williamson: How to Surrender Your Excess Weight

If you’ve ever found yourself looking for love in a hot fudge sundae, or have ridden the roller coaster of obsessive calorie counting and food restriction only to end up right back where you started, then this call is for you. It’s not the pounds you need to melt, but a wall of stress, shame, fear, anger and self-hatred that you’ve built. The only way it’s coming down is by having the courage and commitment to love yourself enough.  It’s time to put down your fork, and pick up a book called A Course in Weight Loss.

Best Bits:

  • How to handle addictive or compulsive tendencies that seem to control you more than you control them.
  • How to recognize the “real” you and live from her.
  • The spiritual issues behind lasting weight loss and improved personal power.
  • How Marianna overcame a 10-year compulsive eating history.
  • Rituals you can do and why  they are vital to regaining a “cause” position over your compulsive behaviour.
  • So, so, so much more!

 Visit Marianne’s website here.

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