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[Communication Summit] Dr. Marilyn Wedge: Pills Are Not For Preschoolers

Before you let the well-ironed white coats of the world pull out their prescription pad with the promise of more compliance and cooperation in the classroom, how about you take the time to have a conversation with your child to find out what’s going on? How does she feel? What’s she concerned about?

Was there anything she didn’t understand in class that might be causing her to feel distracted? When were things going well? What happened when it changed? When classrooms are over-crammed and moms are on the run chasing the eternal to list, some kids just aren’t getting the care in the classroom or the attention at home that they need. Here to help make sense of what’s really going on for some of our children and prove that pills are not for preschoolers, is Dr. Marilyn Wedge!


Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn in this Call:

  • The number one most important question to ask children who are having behaviour difficulties.
  • Alternatives to medication for children who are being labeled “ADHD.”
  • How the pharmaceutical industry twisted definitions of childhood behaviour to make it a “disease.”
  • How up to 40% of school boys in some states are now highly-addictive, stimulant drugs under prescription from a doctor.
  • Why communication is vital to resolving upsets with children and how to learn to see things from their point of view a lot more easily.
  • The dangers of getting so busy with our “to do lists” that we forget “to do” the most important thing of all–engage in sincere, attentive and interested communication with our kids.
  • Amazing stories of recovery from extremely upsetting behavioural conditions with children using powerful communication tools.
  • How drug companies play on parent emotions to make more sales.
  • The family structure necessary to keep kids happy and co-operative.
  • The effects of fast-paced media on the confidence and well-being of children and families.

About Dr. Marilyn Wedge

You can learn more about Dr. Wedge here, and to make sure you’re able to access all the calls in our Courage & Communication Summit, please sign up here.

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