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[Back to the Wild] Michelle Summer On How to Achieve Food and Medicine Freedom

You have an ache, a pain, a cough, cold, the flu, fatigue, brain fog, a bite, sores, pimples, cuts, bruises, heartburn and headache. So you reach for your acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, antacids, antibiotics, Accutane, codeine and hydrocortisone to help ease the ache, the burn, the sting, the swelling, and a dose of something to help you sleep through all the discomfort. Although allopathic medication does have its place, food can also be your medicine.

Wild plant food in particular, boasts powerful medicinal qualities when you learn how to use them correctly. Here to talk to us about the wonders of wild herbal medicine and how the plants around your house can be alchemized into healing tinctures, poultices, balms, juices and teas, is the wild and weedy woman, Michelle Summer Fike. Michelle, thank you so much for being here to get a little wild with us today.

You can access the complete transcript to this interview here.

In this call, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what to put in your own herbal first aid kit.
  • The most important things to know about foraging and wild crafting herbs.
  • How to recognize when plants are trying to get your attention.
  • The hands-down, BEST way to start learning about herbs.
  • The best ways to use herbs in your daily life. (It’s SO easy you’ll love it!)
  • Inspiring stories that will make you fall in love with herbs and how to use them!
  • And much, much more !!

Since the time of this interview, Michelle found the love of her life, and remarried. You can catch her on her website www.wholegreenheart.com and on Facebook proudly now known as Michelle Wolf.

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