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Nadine Artemis: Vital Wisdom For the Best Breast Health

Perched on your chest as beacons of beauty, symbols of sustenance and offering an ever-present erotic window into sensation, perception and pleasure are your breasts–the tender tug on your torso reminding you that you are a woman.

And yet, pummeled by petrochemicals, perfumed pit sticks and pink ribbon campaigns to sell more teddy bears, our breasts have become infected with toxins and indoctrination that they are a burden, a diseased problem easily eliminated with a hot knife and a mild anesthetic.

Slung into straps with tight wires and padded plastics we hold hostage not just our breasts, but our health, well-being and dignity. We can do better than raise funds for another pink ribbon race around the block. We can do better than cake our face with covert carcinogenic cosmetics for the cure. We can restore authentic notions of beauty. Remember the true purpose of our breasts and our bits and pieces, and reconnect with botanicals that boost immunity, eliminate toxins, nourish and restore every cell of our body and beauty back to health.

Privileged to call Nadine a friend, I was able to watch her deliver this presentation live and it still stands as THE most moving and eloquent presentation on women’s health I have EVER seen. The degree of care, attention and intention she puts into every word and action she undertakes is incredibly rare. This is a powerful presentation and one that is consider rich with wisdom that is vital to the health and well-being of all women.

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  • Lydia says:

    Thank you for all your information. I also believe what you said about mammography and biopsy to be totally correct. Once they puncture a lump with a needle, they also leave behind a hole where, if you have cancer, it can leak out! The mammograms with the intense pressure they put a breast through can not only rupture any lumps but the last time I had one, I thought my breast would bust open, and I have large breasts. Since then, I have never had another mammogram and I am so glad to hear that I am not in not going through that process, as well as avoiding the radiation. Thank you again for your insight into breasts. What should big breasted women wear though to help them until their ligaments get strong once again?

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