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Nadine Artemis body confidence summit

[Body Confidence Summit] Nadine Artemis: Move Beyond Comparisons to Embrace Your Renegade Beauty

There is beauty in the flutter of butterfly wings, and in dew drops that teeter on needles of evergreens. There are diamonds that sparkle in the light on a lake, and irresistible elegance in a flower that can take your breath away. There is grace in the little spaces between the cells of your body, and more style in your smile than could ever be placed in some glossy magazine. And yet you have been taught to believe that beauty has something to do with the size of your thighs. Here with her renegade beauty and artful allure is Queen Nadine —aromatic apprentice to Mother Nature herself and one of women’s greatest health advocates.

The Best Bits

[6:00] The traps and tragedies of comparison and focus on the external.

[10:40] A vagina monologue. 😉

[15:15] Amazing and mysterious things about the female body.

[23:00] Great exercise for cleaning up your thought patterns.

[27:45] The reasons we should LOVE our bodies.

[32:00] Tera and Nadine to an empowering exercise for boosting body confidence.

Links & Resources

Nadine’s Website

Previous “WISH Summit” call with Nadine

Thich Nhat Hanh


“The vanity of the veneer has created this really intense atmosphere and it really interferes with our body’s innate intelligence.” – Nadine Artemis

“The moment we are comparing, we are not actually in the flow of life.” – Nadine Artemis

“When you can look and live life without comparison, then you really are beyond compare.” – Nadine Artemis

“When we can live without comparison to anybody, wow, it’s like complete freedom.” – Nadine Artemis

“By keeping attention fixated on the body you actually fall out of direct communication with it.” – Tera Warner

“If you knew how hard your cells were working to try to help you out, you would fall in love with your body.” – Tera Warner

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  • Dianne Matheson says:

    your have certainly made my nose crinkle with new aromas, my mouth tingle and my taste buds come alive along with other oils or drops used throughout the day.Thoroughly enjoy all the gifts Christine has given me over the years with your creative influence. DM

  • Carolyn says:

    This was a great call, I really enjoyed it. I would really like to know what you use to clean your hair that allows you to go so long between shampooing. I have beautiful long silver hair and I would love to go longer between shampoos.

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