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[Back to the Wild] Nadine Artemis on Renegade Beauty Wisdom from the Wild Side of Life

You can access the full transcript for this interview here. The interview was originally conducted by Alison Ramsay and Nadine Artemis as part of our Back to the Wild Summit. Visit “Natural Lifestyle” category at WISHRadio.com to see the other calls in this series.

Beauty, we all have it and we all want more of it. And instead of it being your wildly vibrant authentic self shining out to the world in a rainbow of wellness, it has become a commodity. Something stolen, packaged up in pretty plastic pots laden with petrochemicals and synthetic perfumes, priced ridiculously high and pimped back to us with the subversive promises of love, desirability and even freedom and fame. An all round toxic experience.

But I challenge you to turn your eyes from those rows upon rows of so-called beauty products which fill the cosmetic counters of our department stores, and think of a field of wildflowers or a magnolia tree in full blossom or the intricate life that is nestled alongside a sparkly stream.

Which evokes more beauty for you? Just like we are what we eat, we are what we lather on our skin, spray on the nape of our neck and wash through our hair. We are what we breathe, bathe and bask in.

I’m really excited to welcome back Nadine Artemis, founder of the world’s best natural beauty care range, Living Libations, and the queen of wild and renegade beauty to regale us with her unending wisdom on how we should look to nature to heal and enhance our health and beauty.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • The truth about where wrinkles come from (it’s NOT sun exposure).
  • The key ingredients to a truly radiant beauty routine.
  • The truth about sunscreen and what you should use instead.
  • What conventional cosmetics and beauty products are doing to our skin.
  • How to finally break free from toxic beauty products once and for all.
  • Why “forest bathing” will be your best, new beauty trick!
  • And much, much more!

You can learn more about her work and her botanical serums and natural beauty products at her website: www.livinglibations.com. 

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