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[New Year, New You] Day 11: Ditch Distractions to Reach Your Dreams

So we’re tipping over to the second half of our 21-Day New Year, New You Challenge and if you’re still here, then hat’s off to you! Thank you for your time and attention and persistence in sticking to it. I know this is going to pay off for you. No matter how sloppy and sleepy my messages may have been, the fact that every day for the last eleven days you’ve been checking in and committing to yourself still makes you more powerful than if you’d allowed yourself to get sucked down another Facebook rabbit hole, or Netflix binge!

Today we’re talking about “distractions” and how to ditch them once and for all. We’ve been talking a lot about the importance of being present and discussed why where you put your attention will determine everything about the results you get in life. So how do we handle the distractions that come up and seem to take so much of our time and attention off the track of the better life we’re busily trying to create for ourselves?

With three teenagers and one child with autism in our house, I consider myself¬†almost an expert at figuring out what it takes to eliminate distractions, crank up productivity and feel super-charged about your progress and focus in life. I had to learn things the long and hard way!! Hopefully a few ideas in today’s blog article and podcast can help spare you a lot of wasted minutes, days, weeks and even years of unnecessary distraction!

You can read the rest of the blog article here, and dive in to the podcast below!

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