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[New Year, New You] Day 14: How to Lose the Need to Be Liked

We’ve been talking about how to peel back the layers of misinformation, opinion, and burning hot lies you’ve been fed and led to believe over the years about the way life works and what you’re capable of, so we can help you find your rebel spirit–the feisty firecracker that’s been burning inside of you since Day 1! When you follow the mob, or go with the flow, being careful not to ruffle feathers or rock boats, you can find yourself one day stuck in a socially acceptable spiritual straight jacket. It’s not even very easy to recognize your goals and dreams anymore, or identify your real passions and interests. And if  you do, then when it comes time to express them in life to other people, or actually do something about it, you feel frozen and petrified. It’s like you’re standing there with a match in your hand, but too afraid to light the spark of that inner firecracker and let her take up space for fear of offending someone, or being rejected.

Remember earlier in this series, when I talked about sex, chocolate and sunsets? I shared the one thing they all have in common, and explained that this “thing” was sensation–the flutter of energy moving through, on or around you. Sensation is the big spiritual pay check in life, it’s why we do things. It is the thrill of adventure! If sensations were like gemstones, then admiration would be diamonds. It’s the most valuable sensation and the one people are most willing to “pay” for with their time, attention, and self-sacrifice of various kinds.

And yet, one of the tricky things about being liked, or receiving admiration, is that the more you want it and need it, the less of it you’ll get. And any time you changed yourself or sacrificed your goals and values so someone else would “like” you more, you got yourself into a bit of a mess. This article explains how to get out of the trap of needing to be liked, so you can finally start truly liking yourself and loving your life!

You can read the rest of the blog which accompanies this podcast here, and listen to the recorded podcast below:

Comments ( 4 )
  • Becky says:

    You towel folding particularity is my Virgo sister all the way, she nuts about how towels get folded. New appreciation for you both, I love it. Thanks for being so relatable and hitting the nail on the head with the whole message of this post. Likeability is a tough one, that tends to shrink us quickly. I’m working hard to stay big, be seen and be herd.

    • Tera Warner says:

      YAHOOO!!! Thanks, Becky! I was a little afraid that no one liked the call after my “hot male prostitute comment, so I’m super happy to see your feedback! Thanks for tuning in!!

  • Brooke says:

    This was a tough thing for me to learn as I became more aware of my behaviors. It can be easy for me to fall back into this in close and personal situations. 🙂 Professionally I have found myself less likely to concentrate on being liked because I am really listening and engaging others and they love me! haha…some of them!

    • Tera Warner says:

      THanks, Brooke, for taking the time to comment!! I didn’t know anyone was commenting. I’m SOOO happy to see your message here and love that you’re tuning in!!! Thank you!!

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