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[New Year, New You] Day 15: How to Pick Your Friends

You can pretty much count on the fact that sun will come up over the horizon in the morning, and that gravity will pull dropped objects to the earth, etc.. This offers a certain sense of stability and predictability in life, and we like that. Which is why one of the most challenging obstacles we have to overcome in life is the fact that we have been given very few tools to understand or navigate the wildly unpredictable, surprisingly volatile, hotbed of human emotion–our relationships with other people.

While we’re all built pretty much the same way mechanically speaking, we don’t all have the same amount of spiritual “fuel” in our livingness tank and so we’re all going to face obstacles and challenges in life with varying degrees of persistence, courage and certainty.

One of the biggest frustrations in relationships comes from the disappointment of realizing that other people do not respond to circumstances or situations as we might have hoped. Maybe our kids aren’t as productive or honest as we expect, our spouses may not be as attentive to our needs as we want, maybe there’s a friend who doesn’t take as much responsibility for her mistakes as you think she should.

What if you could predict, with the help of a few little tricks, exactly how your friends, children, spouse, coworkers and even employers would behave? And use that information to pick winners every time? This blog post will help!

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