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[New Year, New You] Day 17: How to Overcome Overwhelm

We’re nearing the end of our 21-Day New Year, New You Challenge! The last two posts were pretty juicy and action-packed, so I thought this one might be coming at the right time. It’s easy to feel burdened by things to do, and overwhelmed with everything on our plates. Our reactions to this sense of things “slipping out of control” or “being too much to handle” can vary, but feel¬†something like standing in the middle of a heavy storm with things moving all around, but you don’t know how to grab on or where to start.

Once you know this simple fact, you’ve got the first and most important piece of information you need to handle any amount of confusion or overwhelm! Whether you’re trying to handle yourself, or trying to help another person you care for, this blog article has some powerful basics for lifting people up from the bottom of the bucket so they can get perspective and get life back on track.

You can access the rest of the blog here, it’s loaded with practical tips and suggestions for anyone who is looking to overcome overwhelm and restore their confidence, sense of calm and certainty in life.

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