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[New Year, New You] Day 7: The Joy of Dirty Fingernails

We’re one third of the way through our 21-Day New Year, New You Challenge,  and our goal now is to keep things more practical than theoretical. The most valuable people in life are not necessarily the ones with loud voices, sophisticated vocabularies or thick books credited to their name. There are many people who do a lot of thinking about how to make life work, and many more who who do a lot of talking, this blog post is dedicated to the ones who, in the midst of struggle or strife quietly rolled up their sleeves and got busy doing whatever it took to make life work.

This blog is dedicated to the dirty fingernails of the world–the ones whose blood, sweat and tears spill getting things done, while others spend time talking about it. This is a message for action-takers–the ones who aren’t afraid to get a little messy trying to make life go right, and who know that making life go right doesn’t just mean “when you feel like it,” or “when it’s convenient for you,” but when the going gets tough and it’s rough and wild and a little scary!

Take a Seat and Make Yourself Uncomfortable

We’re presented, for the first time in known history, with a whole new culture where an ever-present exposure to media and an onslaught of highly provocative visual imagery can hold (and keep) our attention hostage for hours and hours a day. This attention trap is keeping an increasing number of otherwise capable and productive people distracted, overstimulated and unproductive.

When you add to this attention-sucking trap, lowered levels of literacy, a compromised state of physical health, increased exposure to harmful, environmental toxins, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fungicides, suicides, ADHD and autism, we are leading ourselves directly into a swamp of stupidity and long-term suffering.

If your life is as pleasurable as the size of your obstacles, then how many obstacles do you really get by swiping and clicking and dropping and dragging stuff on an electronic clipboard?

If we feel alive by reaching out and making things happen, then how much can our confidence and happiness really improve if we’re stuck sitting in our chairs or desks zoning in to the computer screen and checking out of life in the real world.

It might seem comfortable to sit there on your electronic device, but the rapidly increasing rates of depression and anxiety in teens indicate it’s not that comfortable? There was a day when children were supposed to be “seen, but not heard” and now that that day has come to a large degree, and I gotta say, I hate it.

I like the noisy, rule-breakers and trouble-makers! They make life fun–they make life feel ALIVE! You can find the rest of this blog post here!

The blog written to accompany this podcast can be found here.

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  • Susan says:

    I liked your podcast today. It’s cold here too, but not as cold as where you are. I will be outside today as I am for work everyday. It’s true that just being outside isn’t enough. You need to have some activity to really calm your mind. Something to take yourself out of your problems or overwhelmed feelings. Just taking a walk is soooo good for the soul.

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